Project Description: Construction of the final closure caps included placing berms of waste material from around the top inside perimeter of the cells into existing ditches, installing clay caps (21,250 cu yds and 35,344 cu yds), soil protective covers (10,990 cu yds and 29,748 cu yds) atop 60-mil HDPE liners, rock protective covers (including filters and perforated drain pipes), and associated drainage facilities.
 In addition, compacted soil covers (4,080 cu yds and 5,274 cu yds), Types I and II granular material (3,010 cu yds and 6,488 cu yds), and Type V riprap (3,695 cu yds and 8,532 cu yds) were installed. HDPE liners, drainage net, and filter fabric were fur­nished and installed by subcontractor.

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