Project Description: Closure of Superfund site – Demolition / Revision of Facilities including lysimeteres, OSF sump and lift station, plumbing of decontamination system, spray evaporation system, run-on control dike, removal and disposal of HDPE liner, removal of above-ground water and electrical lines, placement of clean soil in basin pond area, fill / compaction of diversion channel, grading of 41 acres inside moat area, final grading of OSF cap surface – 5.5 acres – to specified contours, placement of 320,000 sq ft HDPE liner, 308,900 sq ft of geonet and filter cloth, 12-inch soil protection layer, geocell material at slope changes to control erosion, and placement of 6-inch topsoil layer.  Site vegetation and maintenance – 47.5 acres
Project Duration: 4 months

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