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D.E. Rice Construction Company is a privately owned full service industrial construction company serving a wide range of clients and markets.  Our Clients trust that D.E. Rice will deliver honest, safe, high quality, expert construction experiences each and every time.  We strive to ensure our clients and employees have a safe working environment which is proven by our excellent safety record.  In addition to construction services, D.E. Rice is able to provide fabrication, environmental services, hydro-excavation services, and aggregate products to our customers.  We are a service oriented business, currently licensed to work in 12 states, and are willing to do whatever we can to help our customers – no matter the size and complexity of the project.


We understand how important working safely is to the industry.  We are fully committed to meeting and exceeding safety requirements and retain the services of a full time safety manager and field safety inspectors.  100% of our employee base participates in our safety and safety incentive programs, and comply with our drug and alcohol plans.  Through NCCER, we are approved as an, 1) Accredited Assessment Center, 3) Accredited Training Sponsor, and 3) Accredited Crane Assessment Center.

Heavy Earthmoving/Civil Work

We own an extensive fleet of heavy construction equipment and routinely engage in construction of:

  • Building pad installation
  • Ponds and pond closures including pitch pits and wastewater ponds.
  • Landfills, inclusive of bentonite enhanced clay and HDPE liner systems.  Installation of leachate and leak detection systems.
  • Tank dikes and tank dike repair. 
  • Railway sidings and track installations.
  • Road and drilling pad construction and excavations required for new facilities / units, including disposal of unsuitable material as encountered.
  • Stabilization – geotech material, supac, asphalt, rip-rap, topsoil and seeding, etc.
  • Demolition and disposal.
  • Preparation, implementation, and maintaining SWPPP measures

We complete all types of carpentry and concrete work including compressor and equipment foundations, building foundations, concrete pipe supports, retaining walls, concrete drainage structures and catch basins, concrete stairs, and wind turbine foundations.  This work includes everything required from start to finish:

  • Subgrade preparation
  • Drilled Piers
  • Form construction and placement
  • Rebar bending, tying, and placement
  • Anchor Bolt installation
  • Concrete roads and curb & gutters
  • Tank rings and foundations
  • Core drilling
Mechanical and Structural Steel

Our mechanical/structural group completes all types of work for the oil and gas and power industries including:

  • Fabrication and erection of structural steel structures
  • Pre-fabricated building erection
  • Specialty machine work
  • Underground and above grade pipe fabrication and installation
  • Turn-around assistance
  • Pipeline construction including oil & gas production/gathering lines, steam lines, sewer, storm water, and firewater piping (all sizes and types – steel, pvc, hdpe, and fiberglass) and DOT pipeline testing.
  • Directional boring
  • Trench Breakers
  • We also hold both ASME “R” and “U” stamps required for pressure vessel / pipe fabrication, modification and repairs.
Electrical and Instrumentation

Our industrial electricians are very skilled and complete both high and low voltage work and installation of all electrical equipment and instrumentation.

  • Grounding Systems
  • Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Building Lighting Installation
  • Underground conduit and Ductbank
  • Transformer installation
  • Fiber Optics, telephone, and CAT/Network Drops
  • High voltage testing
  • Tubing bending and installation
  • Instrument installation

We provide in-field and in-shop industrial coating systems to our customers including:

  • Below ground pipeline coatings
  • Tanks and vessel preparation and coating/painting
  • Skid units
  • Above ground piping
  • Equipment including pumps, valves, filter pots, etc.
  • Structural steel
  • Polyurea coatings
  • Spray foam
Hydrovac Services

We own and operate hydrovac trucks – both 6 yard and 15 yard trucks – to meet the increasing demand of hydro-excavation requirements in existing/operating process units, refineries, and chemical plants including:

  • Initial site investigation.
  • Spotting of underground structures.
  • Excavating live process lines.
  • New pipeline ditch excavations for installations in operating units. 
  • Excavation for power poles, light poles, and fence posts.
Serving All Construction Industries
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